Instant discounts

Receive instant in-shop discounts from shared cards. That's it, just install Gotcard and get access to multiple loyalty cards in your country.

Store your own cards

Free your wallet from multiple loyalty cards. Store them inside Gotcard. You don't have to share them if you don't want to.

Cloud backup

Backup your loyalty cards with Gotcard. All your cards are available on all your devices and securely backed up.


Share your cards

You can share your cards with whole country or just friends. Receive additional card rewards from purchases made by other people.

Share with friends

Add Gotcard friends and share your private cards with friends and family only. With Gotcard you can give access to your discount cards to your whole family.

Full control

You are in total control, remove any sharing from others instantly. Gotcard is cloud based and any changes are instantly received by all users.

Gotcard is free, try it today!

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